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    Welcome to El-Semicolon; website

Our Services

Websites Designing

Your website would be well designed by our team with respect to the human factors.

Websites Developing

We will develop your website scripts to fit your business and your requirements.

Websites Re-Building

Our team will help you whenever you want to rebuild your current website, or to make changes in the design or the scripts.

Flexibility in time

You don't need to wait for months, if you want to finish your changes within hours, or to finish your new website ASAP. We will do it for you.

Reasonable Costs

Don't consider your budget before contacting us. Just do it and we will arrange a special deal for you.

Multi Languages

Our team is capable of building websites in 3 languages (Dutch, English and Arabic).

Other Software

Soon, the websites will not be our only interest, but we will offer you all kinds of software. So, Stay tuned for our next services.

What is El-Semicolon;?

It is a software developing company which is founded by three students who intend to make it very easy for people to have their own websites or software.

We intend to work for everyone, a great company, a new restaurant, an individual project, or even starters. You all deserve to have equal chances on the internet!

So far, we are working on developing and designing websites, but soon enough we will add other platforms' software. So, you can order what ever you want to start your project!

El-Semicolon; .. We will bring your thoughts alive!

Who is Behind All This?

Ayham Najem

Artificial Intelligence Student

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Alaa Semsmea

Business IT & Management Student

Hanzehogeschool Groningen

Get in Touch with us

We would be very happy to help you formulating your ideas and bring them to the world. Do not hesitate, feel free to contact us whenever and whatever you want to ask for!

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